Just Stop Oil climate activists.

7July 2022.


A group of climate activists, based in United Kingdom, Just Stop Oil has made headlines in last few months. They are in new for disruptions caused by them, which are created to catch attention towards their cause.


  • On July 5, just stop oil group stick themselves to the frame of the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci, at the Royal Academy in London.
  • Country has been witnessing several similar instances at art venues, in past ten days.

What is Just Stop Oil group?

  • “Just Stop Oil Group” was launched in 2022. It is “a coalition of groups which are working together to ensure that government make commitment to stop licensing and production of new fossil fuel.
  •  Organisers from climate groups Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain are leading this group. Funding for group activities come via donations.
  • They work on the principle of “Non-Violent Direct Action”. Non-violent civil resistance is a way followed by them to “demand their rights, freedom and justice”.
  •  Strikes, mass protests, boycotts, and disruption are the tactics followed by them to withdraw their cooperation from the state.

Protests led by the group

  • Several protests have been organised by them this year, so that government could listen them.
  • It includes a red-carpet arrival at the BAFTAS (The British Academy Film Awards) in March 2022. They were wearing T-shirts with taglines like ‘Just Stop Oil’ and ‘Just Look Up’. They chanted and banged drums at BAFTAS.
  • Apart from that, they tried to tie themselves with goalposts at the Premier League matches.
  • Members have been making appeals at art institutions, by sticking themselves to famous artworks across the country.

Demands of the group

The ‘Just Stop Oil group’ seeks the government to “stop all future licensing and consents with immediate effect, which government provide for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in country”.

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