Italy Marmolada Glacier Collapse

6 July  2022


On July 3, 2022 Marmolada Glacier in northern part of Italian Alps collapsed resulting into killing of seven people.


  • It led to the missing of 14 people, while 26 people got stuck in an avalanche.
  • Marmolada is the highest peak in the Dolomites range.
  • Glacier collapse incident is a natural disaster. It can be the direct result of climate change.

The Marmolada Glacier

Marmolada Glacier is situated on Marmolada Mountain in Trentino district of Italy. This Glacier a Dolomites section of the Alps. This glacier helped the Australian and Italian forces during the World War I. Front line among Austrian and Italian forces ran on the Marmolada Glacier. Austrian soldiers had constructed quarters in glacier tunnels. Thus, they formed an “ice city” there. Museo della Grande Guerra Museum, associated with the World War I is located in the valley below Marmolada Glacier.

About Marmolada Mountain

Marmolada Mountain is located in north-eastern Italy. It is regarded as the highest mountain of the Dolomites. The mountain is located between Trentino and Veneto borders.

The Dolomites

The Dolomites are also named as Dolomitic Alps or Dolomite Alps or Dolomite Mountains. These mountains are located in north-eastern Italy. They are a part of Southern Limestone Alps. It extends from Adige River in the west to Piave Valley in east. The Dolomites were categorized as “UNESCO World Heritage Sites”, in August 2009.

The Alps

The Alps Mountain range is located in completely in Europe. They are the highest system of Europe. It spreads across 8 Alpine countries viz., “France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia” (West to East direction).

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