National Action Plan for Vulture Conservation,2020-2025.

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Vultures act as scavengers in nature!

18 November 2020.


The National Action Plan for Vulture Conservation, 2020-25 was recently approved by National Board for Wild life. The plan suggests that new veterinary Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) should be tested on vultures before they are commercially released.


  • The new plan automatically removes veterinary use of a drug if it is found to be toxic to vultures.
  • This is will be facilitated by Drugs Controller General of India.
  •  Under the plan, every state will host at least one vulture safe zone to conserve the remnant population of vultures in the state.
  • These centres will facilitate conservation and breeding of vultures.
  •  A coordinated Nation-wide vulture counting is to be conducted by the Bombay Natural History Society, Forest Department, non-profit organisations, Research Institute, etc.
  • These countings are to be conducted at regular intervals.

The Vulture Multi-Species Action Plan:

  • This plan  was adopted at the Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS) held in 2017.
  • The first strategy of the plan was launched at the CMS COP 13 held in Gandhinagar, in Feb 2020.
  • The major objectives of the plan are to reduce the mortality caused due to unintentional toxic substances, to reduce mortality due to NSAID.
  •  To halt the trade of vulture parts and to stop poisoning by poaching activities.

The Vulture conservation programme :

  • It is a part of the UNEP and every member country is expected to create a National vulture Task Force.
  • Each of the member countries have to create the report of success of the project in 2029.


  • The major threats leading to decline in vulture population are unintentional and intentional poisoning.
  • Death due to power grid infrastructure (collision or electrocution).
  • Reduction in food availability,
  •  Diseases,
  • Habitat loss (fragmentation and degradation),
  • Disturbance from human activities and climate change.

Significance of Vultures:

  • Vultures act as  scavengers and  play a crucial role in the environments in which they live.

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