Marine Spatial Planning Framework.

15 Feb 2023.


The process of allocating spaces in marine zones for human activities is called the Marine Spatial Planning Framework (MSPF). The space is allocated for economic purposes, ecological purposes, or social purposes. The key elements of the framework are ecosystem-based plans, integrated plans, area-based plans, strategic plans, and adaptive and participatory plans.

Why is it in news?      

The first MSPF in India was launched in Puducherry recently. The plan is to be implemented by India and Norway together. It is being implemented under the Indo-Norway Ocean Initiative. The initiative was created under an MoU signed between the countries in 2019.

Objectives of Marine Spatial Planning Framework

  • To bring the diverse ocean users under the same platform
  • To create a broad and inclusive picture of the ocean
  • To provide a common platform for the policy builders and decision makers to discuss with each other
  • To allocate marine spaces the right way
  • To increase transparency

Need for Marine Spatial Planning Framework

The stresses on the ocean ecosystem are increased due to an increase in anthropogenic activities. As humans try to develop tourism, produce renewable energy, and use coastal waters for aquaculture, the development pressures are creating spatial conflicts. Along with climate change these pressures are creating new threats to the marine ecosystem.

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