EU formally bans gas, diesel car sales from 2035.

16 Feb 2023.


The European Union recently planned to ban the sale of gas and diesel cars. The ban will come into effect in 2035. The decision was made to increase the use of Electric Vehicles. The main objective is to achieve zero emissions. To execute the plan successfully, the European Commission will prepare a report on the progress every two years starting from 2025. Manufacturers welcome the move. Automakers like Volkswagen have already started producing EVs only.

New Legislation

The European Union recently passed a law to reduce emissions. Under the law, the commission will ban the sale of diesel and gas cars by 2035. Sale is to be banned only in the EU. The manufacturers can still make the cars and sell them in other countries! However, the cost of production is to be increased.

Why the new decision?

EU is planning on reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from cars and vans. A 100% reduction has been planned as compared to 2021.

What is the plan?

The EU will prepare a plan and present it by 2025. The plan will assess the emissions released by the cars and vans throughout their lifetime. The 2030 targets have been revised.


EU had set a target of reaching “Climate Neutrality” by 2050. According to European Union, the law will play a significant role in achieving this target.

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