NOAA report: August 2021 is the 6th-warmest in 142 years.


As per NOAA’s National Centre for Environmental Information analysis, August 2021 was the 6th hottest month on the Earth, despite the fact that, Central Texas went through a cooler than average month.


  • August 2021 was the 6th warmest month in 142 years.
  • While analysing the August’s heat, scientists found that the average global land & ocean surface temperature was 1.62 degrees F more than the average of 20th-century.
  • North America witnessed its top-10 warmest August.
  • Asia had its 2nd warmest August while Africa had 3rd warmest August.
  • Since 2009, 9 out of 10 warmest Augusts on Earth have happened.

Hottest summer in Northern Hemisphere

  • Year 2021 was also the 2nd hottest summer on record in Northern Hemisphere. 
  • Year 2020 witnessed the hottest summer on record in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • August end also wrapped up meteorological summer, a summer which was tied with 2019 as second hottest summer on record in the Northern Hemisphere.

Meteorological summer in Northern Hemisphere

  • June-August is known as meteorological summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • June-August was the 4th warmest on record for Earth while Southern Hemisphere was going through winter.
  •  Global temperatures were recorded as 1.62 degrees F above the 20th Century.

6th warmest month

January-August ranks as the 6th warmest period ever recorded on Earth. The temperatures were 1.48 degrees F warmer as compared to 20th-century average.

Sea ice extent

In August, Arctic Sea ice witnessed the 10th smallest extent in 43-year records while Antarctic Sea ice coverage was 5th highest.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

NOAA is an American scientific and regulatory agency working under the “United States Department of Commerce”, that forecasts weather, charts the sea, monitors oceanic & atmospheric conditions, conducts deep sea exploration, besides managing fishing & protecting marine mammals.

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