World Lion Day: August 10

10 August 2021.


World Lion Day is celebrated on August 10 every year in a bid to raise awareness on lions. The day also seeks to mobilise support for protection and conservation of Lion.


  • According to World Wide Fund for animals (WWF), though lion is referred to as the “king of the jungle”, in reality, it only lives in grasslands and plains.
  • India is home to majestic Asiatic Lion, who inhabit protected territory of Sasan-Gir National Park.
  • According to WWF, lions were once found throughout Africa, Asia and Europe. But over the years, their numbers have reduced across these continents.

About  World Lion Day

  • Initiative to protect lion started in 2013 so the first World Lion Day was observed in 2013 itself.
  •  Since then, the day has become a symbol of fight towards protection of lion. Last remaining population of the Asiatic Lions are found in Gir National Park of Gujarat.

About Asiatic Lions

  • Asiatic lion is scientifically called as Panthera leo persica.
  • They are approximately 110 cm in height.
  • They have been listed in Schedule I of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 and are considered as Endangered species on IUCN Red List.
  •  Weight of Adult males is in between 160 to 190 kg and that of female is in between 110 to 120 kg.

Threat to lions

  • Asiatic lions face significant threats of poaching and threat of genetic inbreeding.
  • WWF has also recorded instances of deaths of lions as a result of falling into unguarded wells around Gir.

Population of Asiatic Lions

In 2020, population of Asiatic lions has surged by almost 29% in Gujarat’s Gir forests. The distribution area of lions has also increased by 36%.

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