Tropical storm Elsa nears Cuba.

5 July 2021.


Tropical Storm Elsa strengthened on July 3, 2021 and its center approached south-central Cuba.


  • Caribbean Island government issued hurricane warnings in provinces of Cienfuegos and Matanzas.
  • According to U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast, Tropical Storm Elsa would strengthen more before moving over Cuba.
  • As per data of NHC, maximum sustained winds were near 100 km per hour with higher gusts.

About Hurricane Elsa

  • Elsa is an active tropical cyclone which is affecting and threatening portions of Caribbean and South-eastern United States.
  • It is the fifth named storm and first hurricane of Atlantic hurricane season 2021. On June 29, Elsa was first monitored by National Hurricane Centre (NHC) as a tropical wave.
  •  It was then designated as Potential Tropical Cyclone.
  • As the storm showed better-defined low-level circulation, cyclone was upgraded to tropical depression and later, to Tropical Storm Elsa.
  • Storm Elsa was upgraded to Category 1 hurricane.
  • It is the strongest July hurricane in eastern Caribbean Sea after Hurricane Emily in 2005.
  •  It is also the fastest-moving Atlantic tropical cyclone.

National Hurricane Center (NHC)

  • NHC is a division of United States’ National Weather Service which is responsible to track and predict tropical weather systems between Prime Meridian & 140th meridian to 30th parallel north in northeast Pacific Ocean & 31st parallel north in northern Atlantic Ocean.
  • It is located with Miami branch of National Weather Service and is established on campus of Florida International University in University Park, Florida.

Tropical cyclone

  • It is a rapidly rotating storm system. It is characterized by low-pressure centre, strong winds, closed low-level atmospheric circulation and spiral arrangement of thunderstorms producing heavy rain.
  • Based on location and strength, tropical cyclone is referred by different names like hurricane typhoon, tropical storm, tropical depression, cyclonic storm or cyclone.
  • Hurricane is a tropical cyclone occurring in Atlantic Ocean and north-eastern Pacific Ocean. Typhoon occurs in north-western Pacific Ocean.

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