Climate Change to Increase Sea Level in Lakshadweep: Study.

19 June 2021.


According to a study conducted to project different greenhouse gas scenario, Sea-level will rise around Lakshadweep Islands by 0.4 mm/year to 0.9 mm/year.


  • As per the study, all the islands in archipelago would be vulnerable to impact of sea-level rise.
  • Smaller islands Chetlat and Amini are expected to have major land-loss.
  • About 60%-70% of existing shoreline would experience land-loss in Amini and 70%-80% in Chetlat.
  • Larger islands Minicoy and Kavaratti are also vulnerable to sea-level rise. They will experience land-loss along 60% of existing shoreline.
  • Sea-level rise effects will have least impact on Androth Island under all emission scenarios.
  • The only airport in archipelago is located at southern tip of Agatti Island, and has a risk of damage due to sea-level rise.

What does study suggest for protection of island?

  • To have appropriate coastal protection measures and best –practices to formunlate planning guidelines.
  • To have future research which will assess directional nature of wave energy, impact of storminess in Arabian Sea region.
  •  To take care of amenities like potable water, sanitation etc.

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