A Checklist of Colombian Butterflies-Highlights.

24 June 2021.


 Colombia accounts for 20% of all known species. As per recent study it is home to world’s largest variety of butterflies.


  • International team of scientists classified 3,642 species and 2,085 subspecies.
  • They registered the species in document titled “Checklist of Colombian Butterflies.”
  • About 200 butterfly species are found in Colombia.
  • Project researchers travelled widely in Colombia and analysed about 350,000 photographs.

About Colombia

  • Colombia is a country having great diversity of natural habitats.
  • It is having a complex and heterogeneous geography.
  •  It is located in a privileged location of extreme northeast of South America.
  • It is bounded by Caribbean Sea, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, and Pacific Ocean.
  •  It’s rich cultural heritage is highly influenced by various Amerindian civilizations, European settlement, forced African labour, and immigration from Europe & Middle East.

Biodiversity in Colombia

  • Colombia is one among megadiverse countries.
  • It ranks first in bird species.
  • It has around 40,000 and 45,000 plant species accounting for 10 to 20% of total global species.
  • It is second most biodiverse country of the world, following Brazil.
  • Country has 10% of world’s mammals species, 14% of amphibian species and 18% of bird species.

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