Hebbal –Nagwara Valley Project.

18 June 2021.


Citizens and Environmentalists are voicing their concern for the proposal to clear over 6,000 trees in Singanayakanahalli to construct a lake under Hebbal-Nagawara Valley Project by Minor Irrigation Department in Karnataka.


Forest Department, in a recent notification, proposed to chop 6,316 trees to develop Singanayakanahalli lake, Yelahanka hobli, because they are coming in way of this project.

Hebbal-Nagawara Valley Project

  • This project was launched with the aim of filling 65 tanks in Bengaluru Urban, Rural and Chickballapur.
  • Bagaluru lake was the first lake to receive treated water from this project.
  • The project was meant to act as an impounded reservoir to supply water in 11 other lakes in this region.
  • Direct use of treated water for drinking and agricultural purposes were prohibited but farmers were of the view that, project is increasing the water table.
  • Activists are questioning the need and logic of removing such huge number of trees.

Hebbal Lake

  • The lake is located in Bangalore at the mouth of National Highway 7, near the junction of Bellary Road and Outer Ring Road.
  • These lakes were created in 1537 by Kempe Gowda. It was formed by damming natural valley systems.
  • It spreads over an area of 75 ha with plans for extending it up to 143 ha.

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