Vineyard Wind Project.

13 May 2021.


Vineyard Wind Project is the first major offshore wind farm that is to power 400,000 homes. The project aims to install 84 turbines in the Atlantic Ocean. It is to be set up 12 Nautical miles off the coast of Matha’s Vineyard.

Highlights of the Project

  • The project is capable of producing 800 MW of electricity. It is a 2.8 billion USD project.
  • Currently there are two major wind farms in the US. They are located off the coasts of Rhode Island and Virginia. And is currently some of the largest wind energy producing farms in the US. The size of Vineyard project is huge that it will make these two projects look small.
  • Apart from Vineyard project, there is a dozen of offshore wind projects planned along the East Coast.
  • When all the projects are installed, it is estimated that more than 2,000 turbines will be churning the wind energy along the coast between North Carolina and Massachusetts.
  • The US Administration has pledged to build 30,000 MW off shore wind projects by 2030.
  • The White House is to allocate 12 billion USD of capital investments to achieve this.
  • These steps are to support 77,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  • The Electricity generated by the Vineyard Project is to travel through cables buried six feet below the ocean floor.
  • The electricity is to be taken to Cape Cod. A substation is to be set up in Cape Cod.
  • The project is to start delivering electricity by 2023.

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