NTPC develops infrastructure for increased use of Fly Ash.

17 August 2020.


National Thermal Power Corporation, NTPC has developed an infrastructure at Rihand project in Uttar Pradesh to transport fly ash in bulk to cement plants at a cheaper cost.


  • The initiative is in line with NTPC’s commitment to achieve 100 percent productive utilization of fly ash from power plants.
  • The innovation will pave the way for efficient and safer transportation of fly ash from the power plants to cement production units located at far away distances, in larger quantity.
  • As per the data, almost 44.33 million tonnes of fly ash was utilized for various productive purposes in 2019-20.
  • This was 73.31% of the total ash generated.
  • Fly ash is a coal combustion product.

Significance of the project:

  • 1999- Ministry of Environment issued notification to ensure 100% utilisation of fly ash.
  • It was amended in 2003 and 2009. However it got missed by 40 %.
  • December 31st 2017 was kept as a revised deadline to achieve 100% utilisation. However, only 55.7% is used till date.
  • The infrastructure developed by NTPC is important to achieve 100% utilisation.

Use of Fly ash:

  • Ultra high volume fly ash concrete is developed for widespread use.
  • Fly ash is currently used in low to moderate strength concrete.
  • It is also used in cement.
  • Bricks made of fly ash are a good replacement to the normal bricks.


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