Covid-19 becomes deadlier than ever before: New COVID -19 strain detected in Malaysia

17 August 2020.


 Malaysia has recently detected a new COVID-19 strain that is 10 times more infectious . It is called D614G.


  • It started from a restaurant owner who returned from India.
  • He breached the 14 day Home Quarantine.
  • Malaysian Government states that the mutation has been found in atleast 3 of 45 cases.

What is D614 G?

  • It is the official name given to new mutated COVID-19 virus.
  • It was first detected in Europe.
  • Now it is being seen in different parts of the world.
  • It is being reported from Malaysia now.
  • The D614 G is located within the virus protein that makes the spikes.
  • These spike proteins are used by the virus to break into the human cells.
  • The mutation changes are found at the 614th position of amino acids in the spike protein.
  • It is between D( aspartic acid) and G ( Glycine) and hence the name –D614 G.

  Report from CSIR:

  • Researchers from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research  have so far confirmed 73 new variants of COVID-19 in their research of three months.

 What is mutation?

  • It is a change in the structure of gene caused due to insertion, deletion or rearrangement of larger sections of genes.
  • This can be both anthropogenic and natural.
  • Mutation does not always lead to a more virulent form but can also become weak.

       Findings of WHO:

  • According WHO one third of COVID-19 samples show mutation.
  • The WHO had earlier reported that the increase in COVID-19 cases  in New York and Italy could be due to D614G.

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