Polar bears on the verge of extinction by 2100.

31 July 2020.


 The Polar bears will go extinct due to starvation by the end of the century if the Arctic ice continues to melt at its projected rate.

About the report:

  • According to the report published in July 2020 issue of “Nature Climate Change”,most of the polar bears will become extinct by the year 2100.The main reason would be the continuously increased greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Polar bears are likely to face reproductive failure by 2040,reducing the number of offspring needed for population maintenance.
  • As per the assistant professor Dr. Peter Molnar,at the University of Toronto Scarborough who is also the author of recently published study told CNN in an interview that “ Ultimately the bears need food and in order to have food, they need ice.But in order to have ice we need to control climate change.”
  • Polar bears population is declining at the rate of more than 12% each decade since 1970.
  • On an average,an adult polar bear can fast for a month but in the present situation they are forced to spend long months without eating.
  • As a result their body is getting weaker and the reproduction is declining.

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