One in every Three Child are Poisoned by Lead: UNICEF Report.

1 August 2020.

Recycling of lead batteries!


Lead poisoning is affecting children on a massive and previously unknown scale, according to a new report launched by UNICEF and Pure Earth.


  • World’s one –third population which is about 800 million are affected by lead poisoning.
  • Half of the affected are from South-Asia.
  • India accounts for 275,561,163 of these cases.
  • Lead is a potent neurotoxin and causes irreparable harm to the brains of small children. It causes low levels of IQ.
  • Kidney damage and cardiovascular diseases are also found in the older age group children.
  • Children mainly from the lower economic strata are more at risk, specially the ones working  in factories where recycle of lead is done.
  • However, lead can be recycled safely without exposing the workers.

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