Ludwigia peruviana.

July 24, 2023


Tamil Nadu is facing a significant threat to its precious elephant habitats due to the invasive aquatic weed, Ludwigia peruviana.

Ludwigia peruviana: A Growing Threat Ludwigia peruviana, an aquatic plant native to South America, has become a menace for Tamil Nadu’s elephant habitats. The weed has invaded the swamps and grass covers in the Valparai region, which serves as a key habitat for elephants within the Annamalai Tiger Reserve.

The Spread and Challenge The plant’s aggressive growth in swamps poses a unique challenge in its removal. The dense and waterlogged nature of swamps makes the usage of machinery difficult, requiring alternative strategies for effective control.

State’s Efforts in Combating Invasive Species Tamil Nadu has launched a drive to remove exotic species from its forests to protect the native ecosystems. Some of the targeted invasive species include Lantana camara, Senna spectabilis, and Acacia mearnsii. However, Ludwigia peruviana presents a unique challenge, given its preference for swamps, making conventional removal methods less effective.

Containment Strategies for Ludwigia peruviana To contain the spread of Ludwigia peruviana in Valparai, experts recommend a strategic approach. The first step involves mapping all the swamps in the region. With this information, authorities can then focus on preventing the invasion of the weed in smaller numbers, which may help control its growth and spread.

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