Panthera and Oxford University’s WildCRU Collaborate to Protect Lions.

20 May 2023.


Lions in Africa have been facing a significant decline in their populations due to various threats. Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) and Panthera, the global wild cat conservation organization, are collaborating to address this concern.

Appointment of Andrew Loveridge and Partnership with WildCRU

Panthera recently appointed Andrew Loveridge as Lion Program Director, marking a significant milestone in lion conservation efforts. In this joint role with WildCRU, Andrew Loveridge will lead the charge in developing innovative programs that address the key challenges facing lion populations. WildCRU, a research unit within Oxford University’s Department of Biology, specializes in wild carnivore research and threat mitigation, making it an ideal partner for this critical endeavor.

Goals for Lion Conservation

Under Dr. Loveridge’s leadership, Panthera and WildCRU have set ambitious goals to reverse the declining trend of lion populations. Their primary objectives include:

  1. Restoring lion populations in sites with recovery potential
  2. Maintaining genetic diversity
  3. Protecting and connecting priority populations.

These goals will be achieved through a comprehensive approach that combines various conservation strategies and interventions.

Efforts and Conservation Programs

Panthera and WildCRU’s conservation programs encompass a range of initiatives designed to safeguard lions and their habitats. These efforts include the implementation of high-tech law enforcement and anti-poaching partnerships to combat illegal activities that threaten lions. Community engagement and conservation education programs play a vital role in fostering local support and raising awareness about the importance of lion conservation. Additionally, the monitoring of lion populations and their prey enables researchers to assess population trends and implement appropriate management strategies. Moreover, the organizations are dedicated to creating meaningful local incentives for conservation, ensuring that local communities are actively involved in the protection of lions.

Coverage and Impact

The joint efforts of Panthera and WildCRU will have a significant impact on lion conservation, covering approximately 70% of Africa’s remaining lion population. By focusing their work across 12 countries, including landscapes that account for two-thirds of the lion range in Africa, they have established a broad reach to address the pressing challenges faced by lions.

Challenges and the Path Forward

The decline in lion populations has been primarily driven by poaching, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict. Over the past five decades, the wild lion population in Africa has seen a devastating decline of 75%. However, with strategic interventions and collaborative efforts, Panthera and WildCRU aim to reverse this trend and work towards the recovery and long-term sustainability of lion populations.

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