What is International Big Cat Alliance?

9 March 2023.


India has proposed the creation of a new global alliance called the International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) to protect seven major big cats, namely- tiger, lion, leopard, snow leopard, puma, jaguar and cheetah. The IBCA will be open to 97 countries and organizations interested in protecting these animals.

What is India’s plan for International Big Cat Alliance?

India has committed to providing funding of 100 million USD over 5 years to support the IBCA. After five years, the alliance will be supported by membership fees and money from other organizations. The IBCA will share information about protecting these animals. Its governance structure includes a General Assembly and a council. The IBCA Secretary-General will be appointed by the General Assembly based on the recommendation of the Council.

What are the main activities of the International Big Cat Alliance?

The alliance will create knowledge e-portal, laws, and partnerships, and will work to improve eco-tourism and financial capacity. The main objective of the alliance is to rehabilitate the big cats.

Why is India launching the International Big Cat Alliance?

India is the only country in the world to possess leopards, lions, tigers, snow leopards, and chives in the wild. In other countries, they have become extinct in the wild. While in some other countries, only a few, say one or two are found in the wild. So India should take the lead. India should only bring jaguars and pumas to unite all the big cats.

Constituents of the International Big Cat Alliance

The IBCA will be led by a council of seven members. These members will be elected by the UN General assembly and the term of the members will be five years. The council will recommend the appointment of secretaries to the IBCA. India will support IBCA for the first five years. Later on, the IBCA is to sustain and survive on its own through member fees and funds from private organizations.

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