Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure.

9March 2023.


The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has introduced the Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure, which aims to provide standardized and real-time tracking of greenhouse gases. The new platform integrates space-based and surface-based observing systems to improve the measurement of planet-warming pollution and inform policy decisions. The data provided by this platform will be faster and sharper.

What is Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure?

The Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure seeks to clarify uncertainties about where greenhouse gas emissions end up and offer faster and more precise data on changes in the planet’s atmosphere. The infrastructure is expected to provide essential information and support for implementing the Paris Agreement on climate change.

What is the need for the Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure?

Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, and Methane account for 66% of global warming. With the increasing emissions and failing targets, the world governments have to adopt new plans and policies. For instance, the 1.5 degrees Paris Agreement targets may not be achieved by countries. Therefore, governments have to bring upon new targets and policies and act more quickly. The Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure will help them achieve this.

Also there is a need to strengthen the scientific mitigation actions taken by UNFCCC. Through this, WMO can collaborate with the world countries in weather prediction and learn about their long-standing activities on limiting emissions.

What is the focus of Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure?

It is to bring back the long-standing auspices of the Integrated Greenhouse Gas Information System, also called IG3IS launched by Global Atmosphere Watch. The IG3IS was launched to provide information about the distribution of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It was launched by the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme. The GAW provides information about the atmospheric composition and operates under WMO.

Does India have a Global Atmosphere Watch Station? NO.

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