What are the risks of Ohio Derailment?

23Feb 2023:


On February 3, 2023, a freight train derailed in the East Palestine town of Ohio state in the US. The train was carrying hazardous chemicals. Following the derailment, the train company burnt the carcinogenic chemicals in the freights. This released toxic smoke in the region. Hundreds were forced to vacate their homes. Residents complained of nausea and severe vomiting after the incident.

How did Ohio Derailment happen?

The freight train was pulling 150 cars and was moving from Pennsylvania to Illinois. It derailed due to a mechanical issue in the axle.

What chemical was in Ohio Train Derailment?

PVC and several other toxic chemicals. Vinyl chloride, a poisonous gas was released as the freight cars were burnt. Following this, there was fear of an explosion in the region. Black smoke fumes from the burning touched skies and so netizens called it “AMERICA’s CHERNOBYL”


  • Vinyl chloride gas is carcinogenic and highly flammable. It causes liver cancer, lung cancer, and leukaemia.
  • Ohio river was contaminated

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