Wetland Ex-Situ Conservation Establishment (WESCE).

10 Feb 2023.


The Rajasthan State Government recently announced the WESCE plan. The French Government is to fund this project for a period of eight years. The total cost is estimated to be around Rs 1200 crores. The WESCE is a zoo that will be launched within the World Heritage site, Keoladeo National Park. The zoo will display dolphins, crocodiles, water buffaloes, and other exotic species. The major attraction will be the wetland species to be put in the zoo.

What is the plan?

The State Government is planning to introduce several changes to the World Heritage Site. There is a plan to breed and re-introduce extinct species on the site. For this, the species such as black bucks, otters, and hog deer have been selected. The other proposed changes are as follows:

  • AN AQUARIUM: This is being planned for Gangetic dolphins and indigenous crocs
  • ENCLOSURES: To display wetland species like water buffalo, swamp deer, Indian Rhino, etc
  • Residential Quarters for the park workers and managers
  • Veterinary care centres, tourist facilities, etc.

Keoladeo National Park

The park once served as a hunting reserve for kings from Afghanistan, China, Turkmenistan, and Siberia. It is a migrating ground for waterfowl and some of the rare Siberian cranes. It is a major stop point in the Central Asian Flyway.

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