Bihar Fog Alert System at $50,000.

25 Feb 2023


Dense fog affects visibility. Daily life disrupts due to fog and results in economic losses. To give an early warning about fog in the country, the Bihar Government approved 50,000 USD. The funds will be used to develop the warning system. The system is to be developed in collaboration with the US National Center for Atmospheric Research.

How is fog formed?

The presence of moisture and very low temperature are two essentials of fog formation. The fog forms when the water vapour in the air condenses. Fogs are denser in the regions near water bodies. Fog occurs early in the morning when the earth cools completely and when the temperatures are very low.

Types of Fog      

  • Radiation Fog: Forms during calm winds; localized fog
  • Advection fog: Larger in scale; forms in the presence of warm air; mostly the sea fog transported to the land areas is advection fog
  • Valley Fog: Here the fog is trapped as the mountains do not allow the dense and heavy air to move away
  • Freezing fog: Common in cloud-covered mountain tops

What is the issue

The temperature in the winter is lower than normal level these days. The western disturbances are now decreasing the temperature further and causing thick dense fog.


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