Global Climate Resilience Fund-50 million USD for women.

7 Feb 2023.


Hillary Clinton was in Ahmedabad,  Gujarat attending the 50th-anniversary celebration of SEWA. SEWA is Self Employed Women Association. It was founded by the late activist Ela Bhatt. During the function, Mrs Clinton announced 50 million USD for women in the region. The fund is to be used to fight against climate change.

Global Climate Resilience Fund

The fund will be mainly used to fight heat waves in the region. Sometimes, the temperature in the region crosses sixty degrees Celsius due to heat waves. It usually occurs during May-June. The number of heat waves and the intensity of heat waves has been increasing in the country lately. In 1981-90, the number of heat wave days was 413. Between 2011 and 2020, the heat waves days in the country were 600. The number of heat wave days is increasing due to climate change.

When is a heat wave declared?

The IMD declares heat waves when the temperature in the plain increases above 40 degrees Celsius and when the temperature in the hilly region increase by 30 degrees Celsius.


Self-Employed Women Association. It is a trade union promoting self-employed female entrepreneurs and low-income female labourers. It was founded in 1972.

Is US Politics entering Indian soil?

Maybe or maybe not! Hillary Clinton is from Democratic Party. She contested Donald Trump during the 2016 US presidential elections and lost. Joe Biden, the current president of the USA is from the Republican Party. He served as the Vice President during President Obama’s period.

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