Climate Change Performance Index 2023.

15 November 2022.


Climate Change Performance Index 2023 was released jointly by Germanwatch, NewClimate Institute and Climate Action Network.

What is Climate Change Performance Index?

The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) is released every year at the UN Climate Change Conference. It is an instrument that ensures transparency in the national and international climate politics. Since 2005, it has provided standardized assessment of countries’ climate protection performance. It currently tracks the countries’ progress towards the goals set by the Paris Agrement.

It uses a standard framework to compare the environmental performance of 59 countries and the European Union, which together account for 92 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The index assesses climate protection performance of these countries using 14 indicators in four categories:

  1. GHG Emissions
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Energy Use
  4. Climate Policy

What are the key features of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2023?

  • In the overall standings, none of the countries made it to the first three ranks.
  • Denmark, with the score of 79.61, was ranked at fourth position. It is followed by Sweden (73.28 points).
  • Chile has risen three ranks in the CCPI 2023 to the 6th position. It only received low rating in the Energy Use category and medium rating in Climate Policy and a high and very high ratings respectively in Renewable Energy and GHG Emissions.
  • Russia is among the worst performers, since it mainly depends on fossil fuel as source of energy and receives just around 3 per cent of its energy from renewable sources. Global energy crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has weakened the global climate actions.
  • India, with the score of 67.35 points, was ranked at 8th position, moving two spots when compared with the previous edition of the index.
  • In 2022 and 2021, India stood at at 10th position. In 2020, it stood at 9th rank.
  • It was ranked at 9th position in Greenhouse Gas Emissions category and 24th and 9th position in Renewable Energy and Energy Use categories respectively. It was ranked 8th on Climate Policy.

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