Water shortage in the Netherlands.

5 August 2022.


The National Water levels in the Netherlands has declined to all-time low. As a result, country has been suffering from a water shortage. According to Water Shortage Management Team, continuous drought in country has led to ‘water shortage’. Water shortage suggest that, Rhine River Water is supplying 50% less water than normal.


  • Water shortage in long term, can result into salinisation of the soil, affecting the farming industry.
  • Netherlands is known for its abundance of water. Despite this fact, water shortage was declared for the fifth time in last 22 years.
  • Water shortage situation is now escalated to a level three threat in 2003. Level three threat means a designated national crisis.
  • The Netherlands is known for wet and unpredictable weather. However, in year 2022, weather has become extremely dry due to climate change.
  • As per calculations, there was an average precipitation deficit of 220 millimetres.

However, citizens or resident won’t get affected much due to water shortage. But it will affect those working in certain industries like shipping and farming, for now. Nature in the country will also get affected. The Water Shortage Management Team has now been implementing a plan of action to counter the shortage of water. Several ideas are being presented. One such idea is- setting up a bubble screen in Diemen. The bubble screen will help in separating salt and fresh water and thus prevent salinisation.

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