India lost 329 tigers in 3 years: Govt Data.

27 July 2022.


Union Minister of State for Environment Ashwini Kumar Choubey presented data on tigers in Lok Sabha recently. According to him, 329 tigers got lost in India in past 3 years. Poaching and other natural or unnatural causes were responsible for the loss.

Highlights of the Ministry’s data on Tigers:

  • In 2019, India had lost 96 tigers; In 2020, it lost 106 tigers while 127 tigers were lost in 2021.
  • Out of 329 deaths, 68 tiger died due to natural causes, 5 due to unnatural causes, 29 due to poaching and 30 due to seizure.
  • Currently, 197 tigers have been put to scrutiny.
  • Number of poaching cases has decreased from 17 in 2019 to 4 in 2021.

Ministry’s data on elephants:

  • India lost 307 elephants in the same period due to poaching, poisoning, train accidents and electrocution.
  • 222 elephants lost their life to electrocution in part three years.
  • 41 cases were reported in Odisha, 34 in Tamil Nadu and 33 in Assam.
  • 45 elephants have died in train accidents.
  • 12 train fatalities were reported in Odisha while 11 in West Bengal.
  • 29 elephants lost life to poaching. Out of this number; 12 deaths occurred in Meghalaya and 7 in Odisha.
  • 11 elephants died due to poisoning, of which 9 deaths occurred in Assam.

Human-Animal Conflict: 

As per government’s data, 125 people got killed in “tiger attacks” in last three years. 61 deaths occurred in Maharashtra and 25 in Uttar Pradesh.

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