Odisha: Siren project to alert Elephant movement.

29June 2022.


The Dhenkanal forest department in Odisha have planned to install automatic sirens near the national highway, in a bid to protect elephants from accidents.

About Elephant Siren Project

  • Under the Elephant Siren Project, Siren tower will be put in the elephant prone areas.
  • These sensor-based sirens will start blaring, when elephants will cross the road for alerting drivers within a distance of up to 1km.
  • As soon as elephants will arrive, the siren will ring and red light will be turned on.
  • Forest officer will also receive a message regarding this, on his mobile phone.

Who initiated this project?

  • The pilot project has been started by ‘Change’, which is a voluntary organization that works in the field of elephant protection.
  •  It will work in collaboration with Dhenkanal Forest Department for protecting elephants. This project is being implemented in Rasasingh area under Dhenkanal Sadar Range, for the first time.
  •  It is an elephant-prone area.
  • The elephant siren project has been started near Rasasingh and Haldiabahal, along the Dhenkanal-Anugul National Highway 55, on experimental basis.

Where will siren be installed?

The siren tower will be located along National Highway 55. It will have a red light with a sensor as well as a siren machine.

Significance of the project

The elephant siren project is significant, as it will put an end to elephant-man fight. It will make elephants safe and the forest dwellers can also stay protected from elephant attacks.

Elephant Over Passing Project

  • An Elephant Over Passing Project is also scheduled to be implemented under Kapilas Range.
  • This project will protect elephants from train accidents.
  • This project will be implemented in association with the Department of Railways and Forestry.
  • Under the project, elephants would be able to move under Elephant Over Pass.

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