‘Prakriti’: Environmental Awareness Mascot.

6 April 2022.


On 5th April 2022, a mascot named ‘Prakriti’ was launched by Bhupendra Yadav, Union environment minister. This mascot was launched with the aim of spreading awareness among the people of the country about the small changes that can contribute to a better environment for the nation’s future generations.


  • The launch of the mascot ‘Prakriti’ takes another step toward the elimination of single-use plastic.
  • Along with the launch of the mascot, various other green initiatives were also launched.
  • The government has plans to phase out single-use plastic by 2022.
  • In the country, 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated annually. This causes air pollution along with an adverse effect on the country’s ecosystem.

Projections ahead:

·         National Dashboard on Elimination of Single-Use Plastic and Plastic Waste Management
  • This dashboard was launched with the aim of bringing together all stakeholders including the central ministries, state and UT Governments, etc, and tracking the progress made for the elimination of single-use plastic along with effective plastic waste management.
  • Extended Producer Responsibility Portal for Plastic Packaging
  • This portal was launched for enhancing, traceability, accountability, and transparency as well as to facilitate the ease of reporting to EPR Obligations by importers, producers, and brand owners.
Mobile App for Single-Use Plastics Grievance Redressal
  • This was launched so that the citizens of the country are empowered to check the sale, manufacturing, and usage of single-use plastics in their respective areas and to address the plastic menace.
Monitoring module for Single-Use Plastics
  • This has been launched so that details of the sale, production, and usage of single-use plastics can be monitored in commercial establishments at the district level, and the enforcement of the single-use plastic ban.
Industrial production of Graphene from Waste Plastic

This has been launched so that more industries come forward to address plastic waste.

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