Two New Bird Species from Borneo.

1Feb 2022.


The new bird species, Cyornis and Zosterops, were discovered recently from Borneo. These species were inhabiting Meratus Mountains in south-eastern Borneo.

About Cyornis Genus

  • Cyornis is a genus of passerine birds, belonging to Old-World flycatcher family Muscicapidae.
  • This genus comprises of 25 currently recognized species. It also includes some species which were previously placed in Rhinomyias genus.
  • It is distributed across southern Asia, from Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Characteristics of Cyornis Flycatchers

  • Most of Cyornis flycatchers are sexually dimorphic in plumage. Males are blue above and blue & white or orange & white below.
  •  However, few species are sexually monomorphic and lack bright colours.
  • This species is most closely related to Dayak blue flycatcher, but morphologically different due to lighter blue on the upper parts and less reddish & more whitish on the underparts.

About Zosterops

  • Zosterops is a genus of passerine birds.
  • It comprises of typical white-eyes in family Zosteropidae.
  • This genus comprises of more than 100 species.
  • These species are distributed across Afrotropical, Australasian and Indomalayan, realms.
  • These birds are supreme island colonizers.
  •  This is why, so many different white-eye species have evolved rapidly.

Feature of Zosterops species

  • Most characteristic feature of Zosterops white-eyes is its conspicuous white feather ring around eye.
  •  However, some species lack it.
  • This species is most closely related to lemon-bellied white-eye, but different due to olive upperparts and darker underparts.

Species found in Borneo

  • The avian biodiversity and endemism of Borneo is significant.
  • Around 50 endemic species have been described from the island under taxonomic arrangements.
  • Many of these are montane specialists, while around 27 species are endemic to Borneo’s highlands.

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