Scomberoides pelagicus: New fish (Pola Vatta)

4 Feb 2022.


The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) recently identified a new Vatta species. The new fish is called Scomberoides pelagicus.

About the new fish

  • The new fish belongs to queen fish group. It is localled called Pola vatta. The fish has a concave dorsal head, deep ovate body.
  •  The number of gill rakers in this species is very less as compared to its other closely related species.
  •  The discovery helps to enrich marine diversity of the country. Also it increases the reputation of India in terms of biodiversity.
  •  It will help the policy makers, environmentalists to work on new conservation plans.

About Queen fish

  • It belongs to the family Sciaenidae. It is found in Pacific Ocean. Its conservation status is Least Concern. It is also called the queen croaker. It is around 30 centi metres long.
  •  It has an elongated and compressed body. The belly is silver grey in colour. The fins are yellowish and the pectoral fin is dark. The mouth of the fish has two rows of pointed teeth.
  • These fish are in coastal water during day. They move towards deeper waters at nights. Very little data is available about the spread of its population.
  • It is the most common sport fishing catch in California.


It feeds on small fish and marine invertebrates. The adult fish feed on anchovy. The juvenile eat crustaceans such as copepods. The queen fish is the major prey for many kinds of large fish.

Croaking sound

  • These fish produce a croaking sound. The croaking is different for different species of queen fish. The croaking sound is a mating call and is produced by the male fish. Some other fishes use croaking sounds for communication.
  • They have year – round ability.


According to FAO, these fishe are the 25th most abundant species. They are the most important species for fisheries.

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