Tiger Deaths in India in 2021.

31 December 2021.


According to National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), in 2021 India reported the death of around 126 tigers.


  • Recently, a tiger was found dead in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, taking toll to 44 in MP in 2021. NTCA is investigating the cause of the recent death of Tiger in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Before that, a tigress died in the Dindori area of Madhya Pradesh, allegedly due to poisoning.
  • Madhya Pradesh with 44 tiger deaths, is followed by Maharashtra (26) and Karnataka (14).

Status of Tiger

  • The tiger is globally listed as “endangered” on the International Union for the conversion of Nature (IUCN) Red List. As of 2015, global wild tiger population was estimated between 3,062 and 3,948 mature individuals.
  • Most of the population are living in small isolated pockets. Presently, India hosts the largest population of tiger.

Reasons for declining population

Major reasons for declining population include- habitat destruction, poaching and habitat fragmentation. They are also victims of human–wildlife conflict.

The Royal Bengal Tiger

  • The Bengal Tiger is a tiger from specific population of Panthera tigris tigris subspecies.
  • They are native to the Indian subcontinent. Tiger population in India was estimated at 2,603–3,346 individuals, as of 2018.
  •  Around 300–500 tigers are there in Bangladesh, 220–274 in Nepal while 103 tigers in Bhutan.

National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)

  • NTCA was established in December 2005 on the recommendation of the Tiger Task Force.
  • It was constituted by the Prime Minister of India to manage the Project Tiger and many Tiger Reserves in India.

Project Tiger

  • Project Tiger, a tiger conservation programme, was launched in April 1973.
  • It was launched with the aim of ensuring a viable population of the Bengal tiger in its natural habitats, preserving areas of biological importance and protecting tiger from extinction.

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