India’s proposal to mandate using green hydrogen in fertilizer and refining.

27 August 2021.


In line with the Government’s commitment of replacing grey hydrogen with green hydrogen, India is proposing to mandate the use of green hydrogen in fertilizer and refining.


  • This proposal was put forward by Power Minister R K Singh while holding talks with U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, Mr John Kerry.
  • He noted, India and US can work together in the fields of innovations for power and technology.
  • According to the Minister, India has achieved a milestone of crossing 100 GW in Installed Solar and Wind Capacity. Total installed renewable capacity is 147 MW, by adding the Hydro capacity.

National Hydrogen Energy Mission

National Hydrogen Energy Mission was launched to enable cost competitive green hydrogen production. India will be also be conducting competitive bids for green hydrogen in three to four months in order to make road for viable usage of hydrogen as a fuel. India is also looking at bids for 4000 MW of electrolysers capacity.

About Hydrogen

Hydrogen is one among the abundant elements on earth that can be used as a cleaner alternative fuel option. Hydrogen is of following types:

  1. Green Hydrogen: It is produced by electrolysis of water by using renewable energy like Solar, Wind. It has the potential to lower the carbon footprint.
  2. Brown Hydrogen: It is produced by using coal where emissions are released in the air.
  3. Grey Hydrogen: It is produced from natural gas where associated emissions are released in the air.
  4. Blue Hydrogen: It is produced from natural gas and emissions are captured by using carbon capture and storage.

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