What is Table Mountain National Park?

19 April 2021


The Table Mountain National Park is located in Cape Town of South Africa. Recently, a fire caught in the park and is burning it rapidly. More than two hundred fire fighters have been deployed in the region to quench the fire. A vacated vagrant fire may have caused the fire. Vagrant is a person without home or who wanders from place-to-place begging.

About Table Mountain National Park

  • It is a flat-topped mountain.
  • It is a significant tourist attraction.
  • It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • UNESCO is United Nations Economic and Social Commission. The two most important landmarks in the National Park are the Table Mountains and the Cape of Good Hope. Cape Agulhas is the southern tip of Africa.

About Table Mountains

The most popular feature of the Table Mountains is the level plateau that runs approximately three kilometres. The plateau is flanked by Devil’s Peak in the east and Lion’s head in the west.

The mountains are also known for the orographic clouds. These mountains are very frequently covered by orographic clouds unlike any other mountains in the world. This is because of the south easterly winds.

Table Cloth of Table Mountains

The Orographic clouds covering the mountains are generally referred to Table cloth of the mountains. These clouds are formed when the south easterly winds are directed up the slopes of the mountains into colder air. In due process, the moisture condenses to form clouds.

Orographic clouds are formed when air mass is forced from a low elevation to a higher elevation.

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