Floating Solar Energy Project.

Floating Solar Panels!

5 January 2021


The world’s largest floating 600 MW solar energy project is to be constructed on Narmada river”s Omkareshwar Dam in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh .


  • It will begin power generation by year 2022-23.
  • The estimated investment in this project stands at Rs 3,000 crore.
  • The project will have  600 MW power generation capacity .
  •  The project will provide cheap and good quality power.
  • Electricity will be produced in about 2000-hectare water area by installing solar panels in the dam.
  • Solar panels will float on the surface of the water in the reservoir.
  • When the water level of the dam is low, it will automatically adjust upwards and downwards.
  • Strong waves and floods will have no effect on them. The sun’s rays will continue to produce electricity.
  • International Finance Corporation and World bank and Power Grid of India will provide financial assistance to the project.

About Floating Solar Power Plants:

  • The floating solar power plant refers to solar panels installed on structures that float on surface of the water.
  • Floating photovoltaic Solar Power plant  uses photovoltaic panels installed on floating platform
  • Floating concentrated solar power System uses mirrors to redirect the solar power to a tower.
  • No need to use any land.
  • They help to reduce water evaporation. Therefore, is highly water saving.
  • Solar power plants have a natural cooling system generated by the water layer beneath the panels

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