Manipur : Orders issued to protect Amur Falcons.

11 November 2020.


The Manipur government has stepped up vigil and launched an awareness campaign to protect Amur falcons, birds which migrate to the hilly districts of Manipur for two months. District Magistrates of Senapati and Churachandpur districts  issued official orders banning hunting, rearing and sale of Amur falcons.

Manipur Government Order

  • The State Government of Manipur has issued order that hunting, sale of Amur Falcons and rearing are banned in the state. People violating the order are liable to be punished under Manipur Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Falcon Capital of the world:

Doyang Lake in Nagaland is also a stop over to the birds. Thus, Nagaland is known as the “Falcon Capital of the world”.

International Union for Conservation of Nature

  • The IUCN status of the birds is “Least Concern”.
  • They are protected under the “Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972”.
  • They are also protected under the Convention on Migratory Species to which India is a signatory.

About Amur Falcon

  • The Amur Falcons spend around three to four weeks in India.
  • They build up fat reserves by foraging on termites that emerge during this time.
  • Thus, this stoppage is highly important for the birds as they then fly non-stop for more than six days to cross Arabian sea.
  • The Amur Falcon get their name from the tenth longest river of the world called the Amur river.
  • The river forms border between China and Russia.

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