Eco disaster unfolding on Kamchatka beach: Reasons.

7 October 2020.


An ‘ecological disaster’ of sorts is unfolding on a black volcanic beach of the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East.



  • A special envoy under Russian President Vadimir Putin was deployed for an immediate inquiry.
  • The team found that the levels of phenols and oil compounds in the sea had increased that led to the ecological catastrophe.
  •  It is also feared that rocket fuel stored in the military testing grounds may have leaked.
  • The pollution came to light after water colour began to change in the region.
  • The region is a popular destination for adventure tourism for its abundance of wildlife and live volcanoes.
  • The Kamchatka is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Criteria to select the UNESCO World Heritage Site:

  • The site should contain most important natural habitat of biological diversity.
  • It should contain threatened species of Universal value in the point of conservation.
  • It should be an outstanding example of ongoing biological and ecological processes.
  •  It should bring out the evolution and development of freshwater and Terrestrial coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of animals and plants.
  • The site should be of outstanding examples to represent the history of the earth. It should have ongoing logical processes that develop landforms, geomorphic and physiographic features.
  • It should contain natural phenomenon of a static importance and natural beauty.
  • This site should be associated with events that project Universal significance.
  • It should be an example of traditional land use, sea use human settlement for human interaction with environment and has become vulnerable due to the impacts of Irreversible changes.
  • It should be an outstanding example of architectural landscape that illustrates human history in significant stages.
  • It should hold testimonies of Cultural Tradition.
  • It should exhibit developments in monumental Arts town planning and landscape design.
  • It should be a Masterpiece of human creativeness.

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