Ministry of Ayush sign agreement to boost Medicinal Plant Cultivation.

24 September 2020.


In a historic event today, the National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB), Ministry of AYUSH  signed an MoU through virtual meeting with the major AYUSH and Herbal industry bodies covering a set of measures to promote medicinal plant cultivation.


The industry bodies which signed the MoU include :

  • ADMA (Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturer’s Association), Mumbai;
  • AMAM (Association for Manufactures of Ayurvedic Medicines), New Delhi;
  •  AMMOI (Ayurvedic Medicines Manufacturers Organization of India), Thrissur;
  • AHNMI (Association for Herbal and Nutraceutical Manufacturers of India), Mumbai; FICCI (Federation of Indian Industries), New Delhi.
  •  CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), New Delhi
  • The signing ceremony was graced by the presence of Vd. Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary AYUSH
  •  The industry assured the NMPB that they will provide the buy-back guarantee to the farmers / gatherers on the NMPB supported medicinal plant cultivation and collection programs. .
  •  This is a unique gesture of Ministry of AYUSH would provide the sustainable supply of quality raw material to AYUSH, Nutraceutcial and Herbal industry.

About National Medicinal Plants Board

  • The Board was set up under Ministry of AYUSH in 2000 to look after matters related to medicinal plants.
  • The board works to conserve medicinal plants and promote medicinal plant cultivation.
  • According to Botanical Survey of India, out of 8,000 medicinal plants 53 are put under the category of endangered, threatened or critically endangered.
  • This shows India is rich in medicinal plants and biodiversity. Therefore, it is essential to conserve maintain the status.

Schemes for Medicinal Plants

The National AYUSH Mission called NAM and the Central Sector Scheme for Conservation, Development and Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants was launched by GoI.


The GoI launched the E-CHARAK platform for better access to information about medicinal plants. The platform was developed by National Medicinal Plants Board and CDAC. It serves as a market place for medicinal plants. Also, it serves as knowledge repository to technologies and information related to medicinal plants.

National Gene Bank

In August 2020, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and National Medicinal Plants Board entered in to an agreement to conserve medicinal and aromatic plant genetic resources. Under this initiative, conservation of genes of aromatic and medicinal plants are to be done at National Gene Bank.

National Gene Bank

It was established in 1996. It operates under the National Medicinal Plants Board operating under Ministry of AYUSH and National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources operating under Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare. The following are the four main facilities provided by the bank

  • Seed Gene Bank
  • Cryo Gene Bank
  • In Virto Gene Bank
  • Field Gene Bank

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