Rs. 1,200 Crore plan to hook Ladakh with National Power Grid.

27 August 2020


The Govt of India is all set to implement a Rs. 1200 crore project to connect Nubra valley and Zanskar with the National Power Grid.


  • Srinagar- Leh transmission line will power Nubra and Zanskar.
  • The Rural Electrification Corporation is to implement the project.
  • Two 220 KV lines will be laid across the coldest mountains and inhospitable regions of Ladakh.
  • One 200 km spur will run from Dras to Padum which is the most inhabited part of Zanskar.
  • Second line will be strung across Phyang near Leh to Nubra.
  • Both the lines will be completed in 24 to 36 months.
  • Aim of the project is to make Ladakh carbon neutral.
  • Prime Minister during his speech on the Independence Day clearly pointed that efforts to make Ladakh Carbon Neutral are ON.
  • A 7,500 MW solar power plant is to be established in Ladakh to reduce carbon footprint


  • Assured power supply is likely to promote local economic activity and create employment through tourism.
  • Carbon emissions will come down as the diesel operated generators will no longer be in use.
  • Environment will become much cleaner.
  • Nubra is the northernmost tip of the country and located near Siachen Glacier.
  • Siachen Glacier is important both as tourist destination and highest military base.
  • Nubra’s location is strategic as it is located near Baltistan in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.


  • Prime Minister Narender Modi had laid the foundation of the project in 2014 and inaugurated it in 2016. In 2019 he dedicated the Srinagar – Leh line to the country. Now Nubra and Zanskar will get connected to this line.
  • India is currently importing electricity from Bhutan and exporting to Bangladesh ,Nepal and Myanmar.
  • In the long run this project will help Ladakh –Kargil region to emerge as India’s Power House.

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