CAMPA Funds to be used plantation drives and afforestation alone.

18 August 2020.


Mr. Prakash Javadekar ,  the Union Minister for  Environment, chaired a virtual meeting attended by  chief ministers of Arunachal Pradesh and Goa ,the deputy chief ministers and 24 forests ministers from throughout the country. He announced that 80% of the CAMPA Funds will be used for plantation and afforestation while the remaining 20 % will be used for capacity building. He also stated that Finance Fee had elevated the forest –based devolution funds from 7 percent to 10 percent.

Highlights :

  • Aim behind the allocation of CAMPA Funds is  to enhance forest quality and increase tree cover to maximise carbon stock which requires several transformational changes in policies and programmes
  • Ministry has taken several initiatives which include massive tree plantation, promoting urban forestry through the Nagar Van scheme, landscape-based catchment treatment of 13 major rivers.
  • LiDAR technology-based survey of degraded forest areas for soil moisture conservation projects and launch of the National Transit Portal.
  • Implementation of School Nursery Scheme.
  • Meeting the goals of the National Forest Policy, nationally determined commitments and restoration of degraded forest land.
  •  Several initiatives like  the Centre’s Nagar Van scheme which aims at creation of 200 Nagar Vans on forest land in a collaborative approach, involving various agencies like the forest and other departments, NGOs, corporate bodies, industries was discussed.
  • Role of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) for rejuvenation of 13 major rivers which will promote forestry along rivers, increase ground water recharge and reduce erosion was discussed.

What is CAMPA Funds?

  • When forest land is diverted to be used for non-forest activities like- mining, construction of dams, and other developmental activities and the money is paid by the developers as compensation-it is called as Compensatory Afforestation Fund. These funds are managed by CAMPA. They are called CAMPA Funds.

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