77 New species of butterflies found in Maharashtra.

10 August 2020.


77 new species of  butterflies have been found in the ecological sensitive forest of Matheran hill station in Mumbai.This study was conducted by the  Bombay Natural History Society. Now the total number of butterfly species has gone up to 140.


  • The maximum diversity of butterflies was recorded in winter and the least was observed in monsoon.
  • Butterfly diversity in the region is stable and chances of immigration and emigration to the surrounding areas is low.
  • However, seasonal variation in butterfly diversity has been observed.
  • A survey done by a British researcher J.A Betham 1894, reported 78 species of butterflies.

Significance of Butterflies diversity:

A healthy butterfly biodiversity indicates healthy environment and ecosystems.They indicate wide range of invertebrates. Butterfly  diversity is often used by biologists to study impact of habitat loss,climate change and habitat fragmentation.

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