National Green Tribunal brings in stricter rules for commercial use of ground water.

28 July 2020.


National Green Tribunal has specifically banned the general permission for the withdrawal of groundwater, especially to the commercial entities without an environment impact assessment.


  • National Green Tribunal has made guidelines for the commercial use of ground water more stringent.
  • The permit should be for a specified quantity of water and monitored with digital flow meters.
  • NGT has provided three- month time period to make water management plans for all critical, over exploited and semi-critical areas..
  • In India, around 89% of ground water is extracted by the farmers and 5% by the industries.
  • Rest of the water is used for domestic purposes.
  • As per the NGT direction, industries must expect a complete overhaul in the manner in which the permits are issued for the extraction of groundwater for commercial activities. They must ensure that all the conditions are complied with.
  •   Strict actions, including prosecution and blacklisting, must be taken against those who will fail the audit.
  •   As per the new rules, the authorities are given three months to make water management plans for all the overexploited, semi-critical, and critical areas.
  •   Around 8,00,000 companies are falling under such areas, which have been accounting for about one-third of all 3,881 groundwater assessment units in India.

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