Co2 Emissions of India falls in 4 decades.

A clearer sky and cleaner air!

17 May 2020


According to the latest analysis of CREA (Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air), the emissions of toxic carbon dioxide have declined in the country.

Reason for the decline:

  • An economic slowdown, renewable energy growth and the impact of Covid-19 have led to the first year-on-year reduction in India’s CO2 emissions in four decades.
  • Emissions fell by around 1% in the fiscal year ending March 2020, as coal consumption fell and oil consumption flatlined.

Highlights of the analysis:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by 15% in March and 30% in April.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions fell by 30 million tonnes in the financial year 2019- 2020.
  • Power and transportation sectors which are the major contributors of Carbon dioxide have shown a fall in the emissions. This is in contrast to the 929 million tonnes which were emitted last year.
  • Power generated from coal-fired plants fell by 15% in March and 31% in the first three weeks of April.
  • Renewable energy (RE) generation increased by 6.4 % in March and decreased slightly by 1.4% in the first three weeks in April.
  • The consumption of oil fell down by 18% in March as compared to last year.
  • This analysis is based on the data collected from various ministries.

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