What is Greenco Rating System followed in India?

19 March 2020


The Union Ministry of Railways has informed about the applications of Greenco Ratings on Workshops and Production Units of Indian Railways.

 About GreenCo Ratings

  • GreenCo Rating is the “first of its kind in the World” holistic framework that evaluates companies on the environmental friendliness of their activities using life cycle approach.
  • Implementation of GreenCo rating provides leadership and guidance to companies on how to make products, services and operations greener.
  • It is developed by Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre.
  • It has been acknowledged in India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) document, submitted to UNFCCC in 2015.
  • GreenCo rating is applicable to both manufacturing facilities and service sector units.
  • The rating is implemented at unit or facility level. The unit or facility has to be in operation for a minimum period of 3 years. In case of new plants/ facilities minimum 2 years operation is required.


  • It helps the industrial units in identifying and implementing various possible measures in terms of energy conservation, material conservation, recycling, utilization of renewable energy, GHG reduction, water conservation, solid and liquid waste management, green cover etc.

GreenCo Vision
Be a catalyst for ‘Greening’ Indian industry and facilitate India to become one of the global leaders in Green Businesses by 2022

GreenCo Mission
To facilitate Indian industry make a substantial improvement in their environmental performance thereby saving both natural and financial resources.

GreenCo rating Parameters
The Green Company Rating System advocates a performance based approach. The rating system evaluates green features of companies against the following performance parameters.


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